TOP 5 NEWS APPS 2019 – Latest News Update

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Can you imagine a single day that you leave your office without knowing the happenings across the globe? Well, both these facts are contradictory and we don’t want that thing to happen in our life. However, you know the best thing from where you can get the instant updates of the stuff you have been looking for? Well, it’s the smartphone that you keep in your pocket since the morning time you are ready to leave your home and not only in the pocket, it is the thing that is mostly found to be placed in your hand when you are sitting ideally. You have an array of apps on your device that keep you updated with all the things that you might have probably missed out in the morning.


So, looking at the importance of the news apps, here in this article, we will look at some of the best news apps that you must definitely download to your device. So, now without wasting any time let’s move on to the topic.

  1. GOOGLE PLAY NEWSSTAND: – Google Play Newsstand has every bit of features that you have been looking for. You will find all type of small and big publications inside it with itself Google grabbing the news from all around the world. As soon as you logged yourself in the daily updates, the app will automatically deliver you the daily important stories or you can easily download the stories to read later on.



  1. APPY GEEK: – What most people love to read about is the technologies. What are the recent developments that can change the lifestyle of a human being? All these things seem to attract people and they love to read articles related to it and so this app updates you with the modern inventions that can make our life more simpler and easier.


Download here APPY GEEK

  1. AWESUMMLY: – Well in this list of apps there is one such that has attracted a number of stares towards itself. I am none other talking about Awesummly that summarizes the news in five to six sentences. The idea behind summarizing the news is to create interest in the people to read the whole content. The app offers a number of features to its users like the online sharing of the contents, offline reading and audio streaming of the news.


Download here AWESUMMLY

  1. BUZZFEED: – Buzzfeed presents the user with its virtual listicles and the fun contents that seem to attract a large number of people towards itself. The app gathers everything in one place and then allows the user to consolidate the articles according to their choice. With its awesome and the mind-blowing features you can browse the latest stories of the world.


Download here BUZZFEED

  1. FEEDLY: – Though the death of the Google Reader was a tragedy for the users, it creates the golden opportunity for Feedly to attract users towards itself. Within a week of its shutdown, Feedly makes easier for the user to browse the latest and the important stories. One can also select a number of publications through this app.


Download here FEEDLY

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