Moving & Tech: Companies Are Going Digital !

New technologies are changing a wide variety of different industries. The moving industry is not different and has been greatly affected by new technologies that are making the entire process easier for both moving companies and customers. Here just a few of the many different technologies simplifying the moving process.


Video estimates


One of the most inconvenient parts of moving is the process of receiving the estimate from your perspective moving companies. For moving companies, traveling to a location just do a free estimate can be a costly and time-consuming way to do business. For customers, syncing your schedule with the moving company can be difficult as well. Especially when you are requesting several quotes. With the use of new video conferencing technology, customers can easily show their home to a moving company with the use of their smartphone. This makes it easier for both moving companies and customers to go through the estimate process. These video estimates are becoming a mainstay in the moving industry.




One of the biggest concerns for movers is the safety of their precious items. With new technology, tracking these precious items is easier than ever before. Movers are now required to log all of their hours and locations digitally. Most moving companies are now using the GPS technology that can be shared with customers as well. This will give you a better representation of where your items are. This way you’ll be able to rest assured that your items are moving across the country or state at the same rate as you. You will also be able to communicate with the drivers or company if you have any issues with your move that need to be voiced.




Dashcams can help customers and moving companies feel safer about the journey ahead. With the use of dash cams, moving companies and customers will be able to have an extra level of protection when it comes to the items that are being moved. In the event of an accident, dash cams can be used to help with insurance claims. These dashcams will help drivers to be protected in the rare case of an accident where the other driver is not telling the truth. The use of multiple cameras can greatly protect the items that are being transported.


Mobile Apps & Software


There are many different apps that can help you have a successful move. TaskRabbit is an example of an app they can help you hire individuals to help you with small tasks associated with your move. Such as, finding individuals to help clean your home after everything has been moved out. Sortly is an app that will help you keep track of all the boxes you have packed. This app will pay dividends during the unpacking process. Suddath moving and relocation is an example of a company who is evolving the client experience using innovative software technology. Their Tracker software gives their clients “the ability to place and manage service requests online all the way through receiving real-time confirmation of service delivery.”


While these are just a few of the many different examples of how technology is changing the moving industry, many more are right around the corner. As more moving companies and customers are adopting these technologies, moving will become a much more simplified process and I know no one will be upset about that.