Top 4 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets for Music

Top 4 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets for Music

Using a motorcycle to go to work or using it when you want to avoid the traffic on the weekends can help you save lots of time and money. It is also a delightful experience and is a strong passion for most people who want the freedom that riding motorcycles offer.

To make your riding trip more exciting and less lonely, listening to music or audiobooks is a great option. However, conventional headphones do not quite fit within motorcycle helmets, hence the need for Bluetooth headsets.

There are plenty of options to choose from when you go through this list here

Here are some of the best:
Sena SMH10D-11:
The Sena brand is respected for its premium audio products for motorcyclists. The SMH10D-11 stays true to this reputation by providing a wide range of exciting features. Remarkably, it can act as an intercom device between two riders with a massive 900 m range.

It means that if your friend has the same unit, you can communicate with them wirelessly during your ride without using your phone. Besides delivering exceptional audio quality through Bluetooth, this unit can even answer phone calls directly, thus saving you from having to keep on pulling out your smartphone in transit.

The Yideng Bluetooth headset is another decent option for motorcyclists, and it offers a mix of value and features. It also features the handy intercom functionality that enables you to pair two devices for secure communication conveniently.

You also get the benefit of noise reduction, which minimizes unnecessary noise and distortion in your audio tracks when riding. Setting up this headset is also easy thanks to the straightforward user manual.

The outstanding feature here is that it is entirely snow and water-resistant. It means you can use it anywhere regardless of weather conditions and it will still work seamlessly.

FreedConn T-COMVB: 

This unit features an attractive modern design, and it easily fits in any helmet. Just like the other Bluetooth headsets listed above, this headset clamps onto the outer part of your helmet. Once securely locked in place, it fits very well, and there is no risk of the unit falling off unexpectedly, even when riding your motorbike on rough terrain.

This device offers audio-multitasking functionality, which means you can listen to music or GPS navigation while taking a call. Volume adjustments are also more convenient as you need to rotate the dials.

Hawk X1
The Hawk X1 headset is a Bluetooth 3.0 compatible product that provides decent quality sound for either GPS navigation or music. The X1 features glove-friendly controls that you can conveniently use with your gloves on when you want to pick calls or adjust the volume.

The button panel is also waterproof. Overall, the Hawk X1 offers great value. However, if you like to ride in a pair or group and are looking for the intercom functionality, then you should look at the other Bluetooth headset options above. However, for listening to your favorite tunes, GPS navigation and taking calls, you can count on the Hawk X1 headset.

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