Attack on Titan

Things You Didn't Know About 'Attack on Titan'

There's more to Levi's life goals than just slaying Titans - at one point, he apparently wanted to open up a tea shop. While that's extremely different from what he does now, it's actually not that hard to imagine.

According to Isayama, Levi is great at holding his liquor - in fact, he's so good it that he doesn't even get drunk in the first place. Sorry, viewers who were hoping to see the fastidious captain get sloshed!

China hasn't become totally relaxed, however, especially when it comes to some Japanese media. In 2015, the Chinese government banned series like Attack

It Is The Youngest Series To Become One Of The Best Selling Mangas Of All Time

Levi suffers from insomnia, and only sleeps about two or three hours a night as a result. It's unclear whether this is because of his intense job, his history of trauma, or just an issue that would happen no matter the circumstances.

Isayama originally planned for Eren to know about his Titan shifting ability from the beginning, but ultimately scrapped the idea.

There Is An Official Parody Of The Series That Is Set In High School

Not all Titans are created equally, as Attack on Titan is quick to point out.

Every manga series in Japan needs to go through a vetting process before it is published.

The City Is Based On A Real Place In Germany

While the literal translation of the name Mikasa is "three bamboo hats," there's also another meaning behind her name. Mikasa is a famous Japanese pre-dreadnought battleship built in the late 1890s.

It's probably obvious to most fans that Kenny Ackerman was at least loosely based on famous serial killer Jack the Ripper - but he was also inspired by a fictional character from an unusual source: Grand Theft Auto 5.

Sasha Blouse, affectionately known as Potato Girl, was originally meant to pass away in Volume 9 of the manga. But because that plan literally made his editor cry, he ended scrapping the idea and letting her live after all.